Securing Your Sales Database

If you are in the sales business, your database is your greatest business asset. So, it is only normal that you should be extra protective of it. How do you protect your business database?

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There are several ways you can protect your greatest business asset.

  1. Be wary of sharing your database. There are several instances when you would need to share your database with someone outside of your company. For example, if you are conducting a telemarketing campaign, you will need to send your database to your client to be scrubbed against their internal customer list and internal do-not-call list. You may also need to send your database to be scrubbed for the national do-not-call registry. To secure your database, only send the phone numbers to be scrubbed and delete other customer information such as name, address, email, from the file that you will submit for scrubbing.
  2. Save it under lock and key. Keep your database in a secure folder in your computer. Use a strong password to protect it from access by those outside your company and even from those within the company.
  3. Share with caution. If you must share your database, share it only with those who are authorized to access your database. Even then, do not share the whole database. Only share what they need for the day or the week. Filter your database based on location, demographics, etc. so that when you are sharing your database, you will only share those that would meet the requirement.

There are a lot of ways you can protect your sales database. Remember, that your sales database is your greatest business asset, so do not take for granted its protection.


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